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Business / Commercial InsuranceThere are many challenges that face today’s owner of a small business. The challenges involve employees, inventory, financing, acquiring and retaining customers and more. Many times, the business owner is so focused on addressing these challenges he or she never takes the time to plan for business succession, valuation, adding an employee pension plan or, if one is in place is it the right one, or even ways to reduce the amount of annual taxes.

We offer business owners several services that will assist them in the operating and growing of their business. We utilize our relationships with our carriers who specialize in business services and have departments dedicated to specific areas of business functions. Business clients can receive the benefit of these services at minimal or generally no cost.

Pension Plan Analysis – A no cost review of an existing plan to determine if is appropriate and current to take advantage of new tax laws. We also review the level of fiduciary responsibility and liability of the owner.

Buy-Sell Review – Review an existing Buy-Sell Plan to determine if it is current and sufficiently funded in relationship to the business. No business owner wants to be in business with the late partner’s spouse!

Business Valuation Analysis – We offer an informal determination of the business value in the market of today and tomorrow. If the owner anticipates sell the business to fund retirement, the valuation will go a long way to avoid leaving retirement money on the table. 

Our relationship with Principal Financial Group allows us to offer business owners extensive support from Principal’s wide menu of business products. The primary focus of The Principal is products and services to support small and large businesses.

American National is our company who specializes in pension plans of all types. Their pension department is staffed with CPA’s, MBA’s and attorneys who keep current with every element of the Internal Revenue Agency codes as they pertain to pension plans.   

Through these and other valued partners, we are able to offer the business owner solutions to issues and problems he or she might not even be aware they have. Utilizing new ERISA rules allow us to maximize business owner retirement contributions while increasing company tax deductions.

We offer the installation of a variety of pension plans such as 401(k), 412(i) (s), 457, Employee Stock Ownership (ESOP), ROTH and SEP IRA plans. We also offer Group Life plans from “A” rated carriers and Health plans from major health plan providers in the Southern California market. Business risk management protection for property and liability coverage is available through our affiliate agency Germani Insurance.

Global Financial Distributors is a specialist in the pre-funding of a retirement account for the business owners that neglected this while growing their business. This is important for that business owner who has stabilized his/her business at a later time in life and now realizes time is short to prepare for retirement.

March 8th, 2016 by Walstine Financial Agency