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Final Expense InsuranceProducts and services listed on this page are designed to fill a specific need but do not fall in the mainstream of general financial or risk management offerings. That is not to say that they are speculative, risky or frivolous, only that they fit into a particular niche applicable to a small portion of the market.

Many of these products and services have been represented by this agency for many years without issue. Several of them are currently being utilized by existing clients that have a need for that particular item. Most of the providing organizations have been in business for many years and have solid financial backing and industry support.

The products and services listed below are in no particular order and are appropriate for either consumers or businesses. Some of these could be utilized by both market segments. Where appropriate, links to the company website are provided for further information.

LIVING TRUSTS- Unlike a Will, a Living Trust has many living benefits in addition to avoiding Probate: A Living Will, Nomination of Conservator, Durable Power of Attorney for Assets and Healthcare, Guardian for Minor Children, and more. I work exclusively with Attorney Diane Walder, Esq in the preparation of these instruments as part of a financial plan for my clients. For information on Attorney Walder, visit her website at or for more information, visit or call (310) 251-5762 or email me at Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions;
Q: Do I lose control of my property and assets by placing them in a Living Trust?
A: No you do not. You are the Trustee and as such you control all of your assets just as you did before forming your Living Trust.
Q: If I have a Living Trust do I also need a Will?
A: Yes, you need a “Pour Over Will” that automatically “pours over” into your Living Trust at your death any assets you forgot to put into the Living Trust. All Heritage Living Trusts include a “Pour Over Will”. Your old conventional Will, if you have one will be null and void and not needed.
Q: Can I appoint one of my children as the Trustee for my Living Trust?
A: Yes, you can. Usually you remain the Trustee during your lifetime and your children take over at your death. You cannot name a minor child as a Trustee.
Q: Are Living Trusts legal in every state? A: Actually Living Trusts are legal in any country using English Law. Your Heritage Living Trust is valid in any U.S. State. Heritage prepares Living Trusts for every state with the exception of Louisiana.
Q: Do I have to file a special tax return for a Living Trust?
A: No. You continue to file a personal 1040 tax return as you always have, using your social security number. A Living Trust, being revocable, does not need a tax ID number and does not file a tax return of its own until your death. It also does not trigger a reassessment for property taxes when you transfer real estate into it.
Q: Does A Living Trust provide any protection from lawsuits or income taxes?
A: No it doesn’t. A Living Trust is a revocable trust and may be dissolved by you at any time. Since you are in complete control of the Trust and its assets you remain the legal owner of the assets in the trust.

END OF LIFE PLANNING- Insure that your final wishes are met while protecting loved ones from the stress of making hard decisions while grieving. This is a FREE service and generally offered in conjunction with a Final Expense Insurance Policy. For more information, please visit  or

ASSISTED LIVING: According to Health and Human Services, 70% of Americans will need some type of home care in their lifetime. That is nearly three out of four of us! These plans support seniors with their activities of daily living and companionship providing them independence in the comfort of their own home. For more information, visit

PRE-FUNDED RETIREMENT PLANS: Global Financial Distributors (GFD) is the fastest growing architect of insurance and annuity based lending strategies in the market today. If you are a business owner and have neglected to save for your retirement, GFD is able to custom tailor a financing approach to meet your retirement needs. For more information, visit

MEDICAL SCREENINGS: We are excited to provide a FREE employee medical screening event to prospective businesses in the Orange and Los Angeles County area. These screenings are important in the prevention or identification of health related problems and can have a positive impact on health plan premiums. The screening will address checks for high blood pressure, body mass index, vision screening, etc. For more information, contact me at or call 310-251-5762.     

We would be pleased to speak with you about any of the above products and services to determine how they might meet your needs and fit into your life plans. Feel free to contact us anytime at (310) 251-5762 or email

April 20th, 2016 by Walstine Financial Agency