A consumer or business owner today can never have too much information. The key is to know where you can get the information you need and can that information be trusted to be accurate and that it is current. Below are links to other important websites that might prove to be of benefit.

Life Insurance: There are two valuable websites that offer insurance information. For research there is and needs assessment and general life insurance information, go to We will be featuring some of the Life Happens themes, the first will be for Valentine Day and then a theme for most major holidays. Watch for them! You might also want to visit, the California licensing site. 

Annuities: The most in-depth website about annuities is featured at the Jack Marrion site. Jack is an independent annuity analysist who has been charting annuities for over 30 years. You can also visit to read blogs about annuities.

Medicare and Government Websites: The first is which offers information on regulations, rules and reports. Visit which is the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. For a through explanation of how Medicare works, go to   

Social Security  Medicare  AARP


March 8th, 2016 by Walstine Financial Agency